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RVT: support for F-Response

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last revision of RVT contains a little, tiny,  (it’s true, i swear!) change for making RVT directly functional with F-Response. However, the process of installing a new f-response generated device it’s manual. Follow the next steps in order  to add remote f-response devices your Revealer morgue:

  • assign one, or more, iscsi nodes generated with f-response to linux devices. Documentation on open-iscsi commands are found elsewhere
  • assigned devices can be seen with the following open-iscsi command:

iscsiadm -m session -P 3

  • now, on your morgue/images/<case> directory, create a symbolic link to each of the devices, with the right RVT nomenclature (<case>-<device>-<disk>.dd).  Check the permissions!

# ln -s /dev/sdX 100xxx-yy-z.dd

  • run RVT, scan your morgue and use all the functions at convinience!

RVT> images scanall

Feedback if you find problems!


Written by dervitx

14 May 2009 at 19:50

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