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RVT: step by step

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Step by step, some ugly parts of the code are being rewritten and getting better. On the last SVN revision, RVT stores on a text file (morgue/case/<case>_cmdLog.txt) a log of some commands executed on that case and their subobjects. Next step will be to work on command dependences.

Also, some automatic reporting is begining to work, although will be greatly redesign in the next months. See RVT commands script report for more information.

Some other little improvements:

  • greater command history (greater than one!)
  • improvement of lock files (XML configuration, mainly)
  • greater readpst verbosity on results
  • little sketch for a web interface

Written by dervitx

28 August 2009 at 16:44

RVT: parsing LNK files

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support for parsing Microsoft Windows LNK files has been added to RVT. Just execute

RVT >  script lnk generate <disk>

and a CSV file on output/lnk will be created with info of all LNK files of the disk (with LNK extension). This command requires other command to be executed before:  script files allocfiles or an error will occur. Command dependencies is something we are working on and, I hope, will be solved in version 0.3.

This function depends also on the dumplnk.pl script adapted by Luis Gómez (RVT team member) from the original lnk-parse.pl, by Jacob Cunningham, all GNU/GPL (thanks, open source!), and distributed with RVT (look in the tools folder of the source code, or here)

Written by dervitx

17 August 2009 at 19:37