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RVT: parsing LNK files

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support for parsing Microsoft Windows LNK files has been added to RVT. Just execute

RVT >  script lnk generate <disk>

and a CSV file on output/lnk will be created with info of all LNK files of the disk (with LNK extension). This command requires other command to be executed before:  script files allocfiles or an error will occur. Command dependencies is something we are working on and, I hope, will be solved in version 0.3.

This function depends also on the dumplnk.pl script adapted by Luis Gómez (RVT team member) from the original lnk-parse.pl, by Jacob Cunningham, all GNU/GPL (thanks, open source!), and distributed with RVT (look in the tools folder of the source code, or here)


Written by dervitx

17 August 2009 at 19:37